DangerShield VJDJ

Since I’ve been asked to teach a course on Processing at SparkFun Electronics using the Danger Shield, I thought I should whip up something extra to show them a few of the things I won’t have time to go over in class (in it’s only 1 day, mind you). So, I decided to do a little vj/dj control with the sliders and buttons on the Danger Shield, making use of the Video and Audio (Minim) libraries in Processing. The Video below has no sound, but I’ve just tied some audio samples to the buttons, turning them into sample triggers. The video manipulation is abased off code by my former teacher at ITP, Dan Shiffman, except I’ve changed and added a few things to change the shape and rotation of the pixels in accordance with the different sliders on the Danger Shield.

Code for the processing side of the VJDJ can be found here.