Links for design and ICT4D

Here is a list of links I used to help research my article on sustainable design for developing countries (I will post a link to the artlice when it goes live). Thanks especially to Shagun Singh and John Dimatos for references and ideas.

In the article:
Question Box
Barefoot College
Map Kibera

Ideas and writings:
IDEO’s human centered design toolkit
Inveneo’s sustainability primer
TU Delft – Base of the Pyramid
Humanitarian Crowdsourcing
Humanitarianism vs. Imperialism
1million t-shirts response
DIY foreign aid
DIY foreign aid response

Projects, products, and companies:
Digital Green
Selco India
Delwara Community toilets
Chotokool Refrigerators
Swach Water purifiers
Philips Stoves
Vesel (Village eScience for Life)
Pulse Global Labs
Ground Lab
Window Farms