A few trivially exciting bits of info: I received my ~$400 order from DigiKey today, to help make the first prototype of the 3D-Geoboard:

Pictured: A brand new Weller soldering station(!!!), 100ft ea. of red, black, and white hook-up wire, lead-free solder, a giant 2x 64 row breadboard, 200 10k Ohm resistors, 8 shift registers (CD4021BE), and 70 illuminated rocker switches. I can’t wait to start hooking it all up.

Also, in preparation for my trip to the Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire in NYC this week, I decided to laser-cut some quick & dirty style business cards since I didn’t have any that had my current info on them. I used some white-core card stock which really makes the etching pop:

I’m also working on a library for Processing for easy implementation of a 3D convex hull algorithm. A few people have given me a head start, but going from 2 to 3 dimensions is a little tricky.