9.25.10 – Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire Setup

It’s been a busy few days here in New York, and it promises to continue to be that way. After catching a red-eye Wednesday night from Denver, I landed at JFK early Thursday and headed straight to the Open Hardware Summit (on no sleep thanks to crying babies). The summit was excellent – much kudos to Ayah Bdeir and Alicia Gibb for doing such a great job. The right people were there, and a lot of them. Some great talks by Limor Fried, Leah Buechley, Amanda McDonald Crowley, (notice all the awesome Women!), plus some great panels on Open Hardware Law and how to get from a DIY setup to more serious production.

Today, Dusytn and I did most of our setup for Maker Faire this weekend. It was a little more time-consuming than we had hoped – it’s amazing how quickly one forgets the ins and outs of a past project. It was quite a scene with all the makers setting up – see pics below. They also fed us paella and gave us free booze, so it’s hard to call them anything but generous.

Dustyn setting up:

Marching Band:

Squid Car:

Arc-Attack (giant musical Tesla coils):

Also, SWAG:

Combined from Maker Faire and the Open Hardware Summit: 2 different issues of Make:Magazine, the Fashioning Technology Book, a Make water bottle, an O’Reilly notebook, kit from Evil Mad Scientist, Open Hardware Stamp, neon snap bracelet(!!!), Sparkfun stickers, Annoy-your-neighbor gadget from ThinkGeek, resistor bender tool, and 2 free tickets to the ny hall of science.