Eyebeam Art + Technology Center on Kickstarter

My former colleagues at Eyebeam Art and Technology center in NYC have a Kickstarter campaign going, aimed at ‘Expanding Eyebeams Public Presence in Chelsea’ through the construction a new public bookstore / entrance / coffeeshop / presentation space.  Eyebeam has been home to some amazing artists over the years, and helped foster and incubate some great ideas: the Free Art and Technology Lab guys got their footing at Eyebeam, as did Ayah Bdeir’s LittleBits, Dustyn Roberts wrote her book, Making Things Move, while in residence there, they helped supprt Steve Lambert and the Yes Men with the New York Times special edition project, Tahir Hemphill’s Hip-Hop Word Count, etc., etc.

Point is, if you can, you should help them out!

Expanding Eyebeams Public Presence in Chelsea by Eyebeam Art + Technology Center — Kickstarter.