4.18.11 Update: SparkFun Summer, IDC 2011

I’ve added a few newer projets to the website, ModelHome v2 (w/ Nick O’Brien) and SocialHealth (w/ Sears Merritt). I also have a few pieces of good news: This summer, I’ll be working at SparkFun Electronics – one of the big names in DIY/Open-Source Hardware and Electronics. I’ll be working with their education department creating and documenting beginning electronics projects, creating curricula for K-12 schools, and potentially helping out with SparkFun’s in-house classes. Needless to say, I’m very excited.
The other piece of good news: My first conference paper submission, with my advisor Mike Eisenberg, for IDC 2011 (Interaction Design and Children), an ACM SIGCHI conference, has been accepted. It covers the initial version of the UCube research, and is titled “The UCube: a Child-Friendly Device for Introductory Three-Dimensional Design”. Mike was very generous in putting me as first author, and I’m lucky and excited to have Mike and an accepted paper to a competitive conference in my first year. I’ll be traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan in mid-June to present the paper.