Puzzle 2.0

A new twist on the notion of multi-purpose game and puzzle design. This 8 x 8 puzzle is made of whiteboard on one side and malachite board on the other. The whiteboard is laser-etched with a standard crossword puzzle layout, enabling players to create, solve, and reuse their very own crossword puzzles. The malachite is laser etched with an intricate graphic, for traditional puzzle enthusiasts. Despite having only 64 pieces, each piece is perfectly square, making the puzzle quite difficult to solve. In addition, since the holder is 8 x 8, and the color of the two sides contrast so well, it is a perfect board for chess or checkers as well.

Tools: Pieces were laser-cut and etched from Adobe Illustrator onto whiteboard. Holder was laser and hand crafted from 1/4” and 1/8” plexiglass.