Particle Photon Shields



As part of a taskforce investigating how SparkFun could support the Internet-of-Things, our group designed and released six add-on shields for the Particle (formerly Spark) Photon board. Of the six, I was personally responsible for the three pictured and described below.


The Photon IMU Shield gives the Photon motion-sensing ability by connecting it to an all-in-one 9DOF IMU (a lot like the LSM9DS0). With this shield, the Photon will be able to sense linear acceleration, angular rotation, and magnetic fields. The Photon OLED Shield connects the Photon up to a blue-on-black OLED. The display is small, but it’s perfect for visualizing IMU data or printing readings from any of the other shields. Finally, no ecosystem is whole without a Prototyping Shield. This simple little board adds some prototyping space in proximity to the Photon’s I/O pins and power buses.